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Everything you need to find a great web developer


This site is designed for communications teams in arts and cultural organisations who are planning a web development project, whether you’re starting a web tender from scratch or making improvements to your existing website. 

Here we’ve gathered examples of web developers who are offering the very best online integrations for ticketing, fundraising and audience communications in theatres, music venues, galleries and arts centres. Our best in class framework is specifically designed for Spektrix users, but many of the case studies and selection criteria will be relevant to users of any CRM system.



We work closely with a wide variety of web developers to support them in creating powerful, intuitive, beautiful online experiences which sell tickets efficiently and capture rich audience data. This platform is a showcase of their work with Spektrix users across the arts sector, based on a framework we’ve created to define what ‘best in class’ integrations look like. 

If you haven't already, please submit an application to be part of the Spektrix Web Partner Scheme. There’s no charge to appear on this site, or to access the Spektrix API - our recommendations are based purely on the quality of developers’ work, and we're always happy to support new web developers who are keen to start building great integrations.