We want to ensure that all listings on this site represent the best integrations that web developers in our partner network have to offer. Every example on the listings pages has been assessed against the best in class criteria outlined below. Best in Class classification refers to the integration of a website with Spektrix. At Spektrix we believe it is our responsibility to help the organisations we work with find a web developer who can support them to make the best use of the tools available to them through our system.  Of course, there’s far more to a website than its integration with your CRM, but that’s the area where our expertise lies. By outlining what best in class integrations look like in a systematic way, we’ve tried to make this part of your decision as easy to understand as possible. Please use the listings here, and the guidance on our ‘tendering for your new website’ page, as a start to your conversation in order to ensure your website combines a great integration with inspiring design, features and language.

Examples of best in class integrations are likely to include a consistent set of key components, adapted to show an excellent understanding of the organisations they've been built for and a proactive response to their particular needs. While some organisations may not ask for everything on this list, we want to make sure that these listings represent the full potential of a Spektrix integration.

Web developers are asked to self-assess their submissions against these criteria and the Spektrix team moderates these before publishing any listings to this site. We’re happy to provide feedback to web developers from our review process on request and to work with them to improve their score if needed.

Below, we explain how we reach our decisions when moderating best in class integrations.


For the purposes of assessing best in class integrations, content reviewed will be mostly focussed around event listings and secondary products like merchandise or donations. The most successful sites provide a great showcase to highlight what’s coming up and clear, up-to-the-minute detail to help audiences reach decisions. This content may be displayed with expertly styled Spektrix iframes, built specifically for the task, or embellished even further with the use of our API to add greater flexibility and more dynamic displays.

Best in class integrations will show great examples of event listings, secondary spend opportunities (merchandise and gift vouchers) and ways to support the venue (donations and memberships), all displayed and branded clearly.

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Navigation is a broad concept that should be considered at all stages of web development. The integration with Spektrix is no exception. You can have the best content in the world, but if your menus, buttons and links aren’t up to scratch, how will anyone be able to find these fantastic pages when they land on your site? Great navigation starts with a menu that’s easy to find, and with categories that fully reflect your organisation’s intent. Navigation also involves pages being linked to one another effectively, allowing customers to move seamlessly from listings to booking to supporting and back again. 

Best in class integrations will show great examples of navigation. These will be in the form of great site menus, in-page navigation buttons and linking into a seamlessly integrated booking path.

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A great website starts with using the best technology available. There are many high quality platforms on which to build a website, but whichever you choose it should be incredibly robust, adaptable and user friendly. This will also allow you to take full advantage of Spektrix’s full feature set. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix team [support@spektrix.com] if you want to discuss platform options.

Spektrix comes with a large set of features and technologies, but an integration doesn’t need to use every last one of them to be great. The key is how they tie together to support an organisation's goals and really help streamline their business.

For technology, assessment includes the use of ‘out of the box’ online Spektrix features, our provided code scripts and tools, and cutting edge technology like our web components and API.

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