Overall look and feel - Well presented to the end customer. Always on-brand, easy to read and simple to navigate.

Landing Page -  A set of clear, attractive and well thought out calls to action across the landing page.

Event Listings - Well thought out and styled, potentially filtering events based on attributes from Spektrix via the API.

Event Overview - Information-rich event list/calendar pulling through live tags from Spektrix to show availability, accessible performances or other details.

Donations - A minimal giving path, making it quick and easy to donate - probably using the Spektrix Donations web component.

Memberships - Well designed and styled Membership page, presenting full detail of benefits and easily navigable. The Spektrix Memberships web component can be used to achieve these results quickly and easily. 

Merchandise  - An online shop or landing page with an elegant merchandise layout, probably using our web component.

Gift Vouchers - A well designed, dedicated page making it easy to buy a gift voucher for a friend or family member.

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Event Navigation - The clearer and more concise the event navigation is, the quicker customers can find what they need and proceed to the purchase path.

Menu - A concise, well-plotted menu aids navigation and reflects the organisation's intent.

Booking Path - Seamlessly styled and branded booking path. Easily navigable by the customer.

Basket/Cart - Easy to find basket/cart page to see contents and edit before purchase. Possibly using the API and a custom-built basket with a focus on upselling before checkout.

Checkout - Easy to find, navigable and on-brand checkout flow.

Account/Cart Navigation - Styled icons/links, potentially using our Logged In and Basket web components.

Search - Using attributes, such as genre, from Spektrix to power high-quality event search.

Mobile-Friendly - Site navigation is as easy on a range of mobile devices as it is on desktop, potentially with a unique design for mobile.

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API - The Spektrix API allows deeper access to the database, allowing more customisable options. There are a number of iterations of the Spektrix API for different purposes. We’re looking for great use of the API in powering listings, search functionality, faster basket creation and custom sign up options.

Spektrix Code Snippets - Using all available Spektrix code snippets from the Spektrix Integration Portal to ensure the booking flow responds as expected. Examples of these include the Iframe Resizing Script and Checkout Scroll Script.

Cross-Selling and Upselling - Taking full advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities to recommend additional purchases to customers. This could be using the multibuy cross-selling iframe, recommend items or even a fully custom basket page.

Sign Up Forms - Simple and effective calls for customers to sign up to specific contact channels. This could be using a well-styled simple sign up form, or a custom-built API form capturing more options and adding data to a customer record. These will also handle errors with friendly messaging and obvious actions for correction.

Web components - Effective use and styling of Spektrix web components which create simple pathways from product or donation selection through to basket. These work with straightforward prompts to add Donations, Memberships, Merchandise and Gift Vouchers to the basket. 

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