Why should I join?

This platform showcases your work as a leading web development agency for the cultural sector in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada (and beyond!)

With over 450 Spektrix clients, and many more arts organisations looking for solutions for ticketing and e-commerce sites every day, this network gives communications professionals a chance to discover your company, understand your skills and get in touch directly.


How does it work?

Spektrix has defined a set of best in class integration criteria. Together these criteria ensure a positive user experience and a smooth purchase pathway by making best use of the tools available through our CRM system.  Web developers are invited to self-assess their integrations according to our framework, and submit great examples of their integrations to include in our listings.

We don't set out to define or judge other aspects of a website. We are Spektrix experts, and our role is to support clients and web developers when they integrate with the ticketing, fundraising or e-commerce features of our system. Some of this expertise can crossover to similar CRM systems, but it isn't our place to judge the design, navigation or structure of your site; you and your clients know each organisation and its audience best. The best in class criteria reflects this, just including elements that are related to the Spektrix integration.


What do I need to do?


Set up your profile - Any web agency can set up a profile

You can use this to share general information about your company such as location, size, and expertise. The information you add here should be information you are happy to make publicly available.

You can set up a profile even if you don't have any Spektrix integrations complete yet. If you're planning your first Spektrix integration, or if you'd like support in working towards our best in class integration criteria, we're happy to help. Visit the Spektrix Integration Portal to get all the information you need on how to integrate with Spektrix and use all the tools and features available. Once you've got to grips with this, you can also contact our Support and Training Consultants for practical advice. When first contacting the Support team please include a contact from the client you are working with in the correspondence.

By completing this form you grant us permission to contact you, and any clients that you name, about your submission. Read our T&Cs for web devs using the platform.


Create a listing for each type of service you provide 

Listings are searchable services. Web Agencies should create a listing for each service they provide, not for each website they have developed. Once you have a listing for each service, you can include details of the work you've done in that service area.

Once you have created a profile, you can login to your account and create listings. There are three types of listing you can create:

  • Development of a new website - must be self assessed (see following steps)
  • Ongoing Maintenance of websites - must be self assessed (see following steps)
  • Other Services - no need to self assess provided it does not include Spektrix integration.

Web agencies can create a maximum of one listing in each category, under which they can showcase different examples of work.
All listings will be reviewed by the Spektrix team before being published.


Look at the Best in Class criteria and assess your integrations against them

Add each website that you would like to showcase via the listings form to the relevant listings you have created. For example, add a newly created website under your listing for 'New Websites from Scratch', and/or add websites which you've adapted from an existing site to 'Developing an Existing Site'. If you offer other services, you can add these to your 'Other Services' listing, although these won't be assessed.


Add examples of Best in Class integrations to each listing

You can find listings you have already created in your account, under My Listings, from where you can add new best in class integration examples, update information about your services, preview changes to your listings etc.

We strongly suggest that you assess websites you have completed in the last twelve months, but you can include as many assessed websites as you like.

When you add information to a listing Spektrix will be notified and will review what has been submitted so you can update your listings with new integration examples whenever you like. The team may contact you if we have any questions before publishing your listing or updated examples. We aim to do this within 30 working days of submission.