The Spektrix Web Partner Platform is a one-stop shop for arts organisations, providing all the information you need to find a great web developer for your ticketing website.

We work closely with a wide variety of web developers to support them in creating powerful, intuitive, beautiful online experiences which sell tickets efficiently and capture rich audience data. This platform is a showcase of their work with Spektrix users across the arts sector, based on a framework we’ve created to define what ‘best in class’ integrations look like. This helps to identify the aspects of a website that integrate with Spektrix, and what best in class looks like for those aspects. It does not explore other parts of your website development that you should also consider when looking for a web agency or starting a new web project. We're happy to talk to you in more detail about other aspects, but they are not part of the Best in Class Integration criteria.

Search listings to find an experienced web agency or developer with the skills you're looking for, or read through our guide to help you develop a comprehensive tender document based on your organisation's needs.


A cutting edge online experience

The digital world is continually evolving, and customer expectations are changing with it. From arts organisations to online shopping and entertainment, websites present ever-increasing standards of mobile responsive design, ease of use and personal content, recognising that customers' perception of your organisation begins with their online experience.

In response to these ever-moving targets, we work collaboratively with arts organisations and web developers - not only at the beginning of a major new website project but when it's time to plan incremental improvements, one-off campaigns or redesigns. Like any capital project, a website thrives when you retain a collaborative relationship with its creators, and continue to invest time, thought and budget to stay at the forefront of online communications.

If you are already a Spektrix client, you can always talk to our Support and Training Consultants about your web needs - we’re happy to work with you to develop your tender, meet shortlisted agencies and share best practice.

If you’re not a Spektrix client but would like some help with selecting a web developer, we’re happy to help - feel free to get in touch.


Personal content and powerful technology

We provide web developers with full documentation on how to integrate Spektrix with your website. This ensures that every site is unique and representative of your organisation or venue; using a combination of the Spektrix API, iframes and web components, it can be designed entirely around your identity and audience. From What's On pages to online donations, event listings and seating plans, you retain full flexibility - whilst Spektrix handles all of the sophisticated logic to power the booking process.

This approach has been proven alongside many of the country's most successful ticketing websites, ensuring:

  • Your web developer understands your organisation, and builds the site's look and feel around your identity.

  • You have the tools to provide a clean, powerful online experience to match audiences' expectations from e-commerce.

  • You'll operate more efficiently as manual processes and double-entry is reduced.

  • Your customers can book from any device while remaining on your site and interacting with your brand, providing a seamless, reliable purchase experience with opportunities to upsell, encourage online giving, collect data and monitor analytics.

A single Spektrix system can be integrated with one or multiple websites, depending on the nature of your organisation. Many split-site venues and consortia power multiple front ends from a single CRM system, whilst others invite customers to see events across multiple venues from a single booking page. 


What is this Community for?

This site is designed to help you find a web developer with experience of integrating with Spektrix and understanding the unique needs of the cultural sector. The best in class criteria is designed to assess the quality of their integration with Spektrix, and the creative use of CRM system components; we do not set out to judge their design, navigation or structure.

The content of this site does not in any way replace your own due diligence when entering into a contract with a web developer, although if you're a Spektrix client, we'll happily work directly with you to develop an effective tender and review agencies' responses. 

If you discover any errors or outdated information on this site, or if you disagree with an assessment that has been made, please contact us directly. We only measure developers objectively against specific project examples, and their inclusion on this site does not represent our wholesale endorsement of their services. Should you have any reason to challenge any developer listed here, please do so directly with that individual or organisation.