Posted on 2020-06-08
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Service Description

Founded in 2001, we were making websites before a lot of modern websites existed. (We registered as a company the week before Wikipedia.) Over the past twenty years we've grown alongside the web, working with theatres, festivals, concert halls, museums, and urban renewal projects to meet each one’s unique ticketing and CRM needs.

Yet unlike some agencies, we don’t specialise in arts and culture alone. We believe a broader portfolio means we can build you a better website, because you'll benefit from knowledge that cross-pollinates from other sectors.

With us, you won't just get experience with Spektrix: you'll get fundraising insight gained from national charities, an understanding of accessibility gained from global pioneers in assistive technology, and experience managing traffic spikes gained from Ant and Dec tweeting links to our sites. That's why the website we build for you will really stand out.

Locations served

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ireland

Spektrix features experience

  • Donations Web Component
  • Membership Web Component
  • Merchandise Web Component
  • Gift Voucher Web Component
  • Basket Web Component
  • Logged-In Web Component
  • Express Checkout
  • View from Seat
  • Cross selling iframe
  • Multi-buy iframe
  • Spektrix API

Best in Class Integration examples

No two venues are the same, and their websites shouldn't be either — something we've built before won't be right for you. Instead, we'll work closely with your staff to understand everything about your business, from your customers' favourite days and seats right down to the font on your tickets. Using what we learn, we'll build you a site that surfaces the right information for your customers, in the right place and at the right time.

Case study: Saffron Hall

A large number of Saffron Hall's customers prefer to book multiple shows at once, as soon as a new season is announced. These customers often found it cumbersome to go through the same series of pages over and over again, selecting seats and adding tickets to the basket, before going back to the What's On page to start again.

To make the experience more user-friendly, we built a dynamic "Book Now" button using the Spektrix API, which checks the last seats added to the basket and gives customers the option to simply add the same ones again. This option is even available from the What's On listings themselves, so that users can go through and select their favourite seats for every show that strikes their fancy, without even having to visit the individual production pages if they don't want to.

As a result, we cut the average number of screens per transaction by about 40%, significantly speeding up the purchase process even as average order size stayed the same. In other words, customers were still buying the same things — they were just doing it faster, and happier.

At the same time, we used the API to auto-link production pages with pages for related food offerings, to better upsell pre-orders. Now venue staff don't need to manually add this information to individual production pages, because it's already in Spektrix — making the process of putting a new season on-sale quicker and easier.

We'd love to do the same for your website too, solving your specific problems to make the experience better for everyone.

Do you provide ongoing Support and Maintance?


Monthly retainer costs

Our basic support package is £850 per year and gives you guaranteed 24/7 monitoring, out of hours responses in case of any outages, and an annual site analytics review and health check. Full retainers to cover ongoing development usually start at around £400 per month, billed quarterly.

What is the relationship going to be like?

We believe a good website starts with good relationships, so we'll work closely with you at every step of the process to ensure we deliver a finished product that realises your ambitions and delivers lasting returns.

Our dedicated team rarely leave and thrive on creating long-standing relationships. Some of our clients have been with us for close to a decade, and are still working with the same designers, developers, and project managers they started with — so you can be sure you won't be forgotten after launch.
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